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(PC Troubleshooting) How to remove BIOS password


The basic input-output system (BIOS) has many purposes and the most important is to set the priority for the boot order (laptop formatting). If you cannot access to the BIOS, then the laptop cannot be formatted unless there is preinstalled recovery in the system. Some laptop restrict the users from access the BIOS by set up a password (called BIOS password). Since BIOS password is different than normal user password and it is rarely been used, some people might forget it.

Therefore, a simple hacking method is required to remove or reset the BIOS password. The most easiest way is by:

1) key in the error code which you will get after typing invalid password for few times into the box on this website.


2) Then, click get password.


Viola! Now the password is successfully recovered. In my case the password is “yan”. =)

If you encounter problem, do drop your reply here. Thanks you

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